I have always thought...

white birds
I have always thought that stars turn into white birds in the morning light
& sleep with their heads under their wings
until the dusk begins to walk through the streets.
- storypeople

Sunday, 27 January 2013

There are times...

I love taking photos!
I love taking photos of Shadow!
But there are certain times when I think taking a photo of Shadow is not really a good idea!

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I'm Patriotic!

Dog enjoying the Australia Day activities yesterday on the Dromana foreshore!
(I think!)
So love his Australian flag scarf
- or is that a neck tie?

In answer to comments about muzzles on dogs, I have only seen them twice in all my time of taking photos!
Both times involved a very crowded place.
The first time was at Mornington street markets
and the second time was yesterday when thousands crowded the Dromana foreshore for Australia Day celebrations.
I can only presume, in both cases, it was a precautionary measure with so many people and so many divergent sounds around.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


My neighour's new Abyssinian kitten ~ Simba
By some miracle, I managed to capture her in a still pose for the very briefest moment.

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shadow Multi -Tasks!

Shadow is a great role model for multi-tasking!
She can groom, relax and sleep all in one movement!

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Baby Seal

Just before Christmas 2011, a little seal spent some time on one of the quieter, more rocky parts of Dromana beach
- in the area known as Anthony's Nose.
Rangers patrolled the area regularly to keep the Mum seal and baby safe;
there were signs not to venture down on this area of the beach till further notice.
The photo was taken from above on the old sea wall!

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I don't often do this, but I have just discovered the most amazing images of animals from a variety of European zoos.
Each image has character, lots of character!
The blog post from Pia of Germany is HERE!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Little Butcher Bird

Little, young grey butcher bird on my verandah railing in the Dromana Hills.
The black crown has yet to emerge.
More details HERE!

My soul thrills to piping birdsong

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Shadow Eyes

The eyes on our cat Shadow seem to offer pools of soulful visions.
She demands that you gaze at her as she gazes at you!

I'm a gem in your world.

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