I have always thought...

white birds
I have always thought that stars turn into white birds in the morning light
& sleep with their heads under their wings
until the dusk begins to walk through the streets.
- storypeople

Friday, 12 July 2013

Bronzewing Beauty

A regular visitor to my peninsula world is the bronzewing -
related to the pigeon.
He is always alone.
And wherever he chooses to rest, he stays there for at least an hour.
This is the first time I have seen him on my roofline.
Usually he is tucked away on the ground beneath low hanging bushes.

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Gunilla Bäck said...

He's a very handsome fellow.

MitchyLR said...

Hi Gemma. Lovely shots of this colourful bird. It's not one I'm familiar with. Is it related to the pigeon family?

Rambling Woods said...

Looks like my visiting doves

Anonymous said...

He is fine.

Phil said...

What an unusual bird. Lovely colours too.

Anni said...

Oh my gosh....that is one beautiful, unique, and awesome bird. LOVE its name too.

NatureFootstep said...

wow, such a beautiful head he has. Really nice coloring. :)

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